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NIS - Rafinerija Nafte Pancevo
Activities of the company
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Petroleum Refinery Pancevo


Activities of the Company

Petroleum Refinery Pancevo (NIS - RNP) is a fuel type refinery and it produces fuels, solvents, bitumens and feedstock for petrochemical industry.


The location is extremely favourable - 20km from Belgrade and only 2 km from the river Danube.


It is mostly imported crude oil that is being processed (70-80%). It is supplied by way of a pipeline through Croatia or by barges on the river Danube from Romania and Hungary. The rest of processed crude oil is of the domestic origin (oil fields located in the province of Vojvodina).


Refinery's available processing capacity is 4,820 x 106 tpy of crude oil, i.e. 14,660 tons per day.

The assortment of derivates manufactured is extremely wide.


Refinery's storage capacity is approximately 700,000 cubic meters of crude oil and derivates


Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) has financed the construction of a pipeline from the island Krk (Croatia) to Petroleum refinery Pancevo, by way of which 6 x 106 tpy of crude oil can be transported.

Reloading facility at the river Danube enables a simple way of supplying the crude oil and dispatching the derivatives by barges. Crude oil and its derivatives can also be loaded and unloaded at the Refinery's own railway transport facilities. There are also tank-truck loading & unloading facilities. 


Petroleum Refinery Pancevo (NIS - RNP) performs laboratory analyses and offers consulting services regarding petroleum processing.

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