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Detergents and Toiletries


Manufacturing of washing & cleaning preparations and toiletries has relatively long tradition in Serbia, so it was developed in the period after the World War II as well.

This production field is less capital-intensive and that is the reason why there is the influential presence of the private sector. There are about 370 registered manufacturing companies in this sector today, and at least 200 of them are active manufacturers and this makes market competition more severe. A lot of space would be necessary to list all the companies that are seriously engaged in this production field, so it is more realistic to point out bigger production centers, such as Krusevac, Leskovac, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Vrsac and Sabac.

Production of Soap, Detergents and Cleansers










103 t







Detergents and Cleansers

103 t







Plants for the high-tonnage production of heavy-duty powder detergents have the companies MERIMA in Krusevac, IHP in Prahovo, ALBUS in Novi Sad and DELTA HOLDING in Zrenjanin. The company HINOM from Novo Milosevo produces heavy-duty liquid detergent. The leading producer of soaps is the company MERIMA from Krusevac and the leader in production of cleansers company PANONIJA from Pancevo. The biggest producer of toiletries & cosmetics is the company NEVENA from Leskovac but it should be mentioned that company DAHLIA from Zemun is the only specialized producer in this field.

The following quantities by product groups of soap, detergents and cleansers were manufactured by the local companies in 2004:

  • Washing-by-hand soap                                                      606 tons
  • Bar toilete soap                                                                 1,141 tons
  • Liquid toilete soap                                                               350 tons
  • Shaving soap                                                                           18 tons
  • Industrial soap                                                                        71 tons
  • Other soap (medical, etc.)                                               572 tons
  • Powder washing-by-hand laundry detergents             71 tons
  • Liquid washing-by-hand laundry detergents              399 tons
  • Powder heavy-duty laundry detergents                45,895 tons        
  • Liquid heavy-duty laundry detergents                            27 tons
  • Powder dish-washing detergents                                   182 tons
  • Liquid dish-washing detergents                                   7,858 tons
  • Powder detergents for industrial use                             489 tons
  • Liquid detergents for industrial use                             2,029 tons
  • Powder auxiliary washing agents                                   128 tons
  • Liquid auxiliary washing agents                                   3,604 tons
  • Powder cleansers for glass and sanitaries                     481 tons
  • Liquid cleansers for glass and sanitaries                     8,435 tons
  • Pastous cleaning and washing preperations              517 tons
  • Other cleaning and polishing preparations             3,032 tons

The most successful domestic firm in this field of specialization is company MERIMA from Krusevac, which was in 2002 acquired by the world-known multinational company HENKEL.



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