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Manufacturing of coatings from predominantly handicraft production developed itself to industrial production level only after the World War II. Manufacturing was restored in The First Belgrade Paint Factory founded in 1930. Since 1947 this company has worked under the name DUGA and today it is doubtlessly the leading manufacturer of coatings in Serbia.
Already at the end of 1945 the factory KOTROMAN was built at Mokra Gora, located near the town of Uzice. More important manufacturers in this field are also the companies POMORAVLJE from Nis (founded in 1948), ZVEZDA from Gornji Milanovac (1953), SUKO from Pirot (1957), HEMPRO from Sid (1959) and ZORKA-BOJE from Sabac (1975).
It might be said that this sector of chemical industry of Serbia had rather successful development and gave high quality products. Up to the nineties, manufacturing of coatings was developed in a restricted number of companies in social ownership but within the last decade private sector strongly entered this production sector.

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Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers and Enamels

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It should be emphasized that coating industry was rather fast in reaching assortment of products that were coming from the disintegrated republics of the former Yugoslavia. Problems of the bigger producers of coatings are from one aspect connected with the present economic crisis and very low standard of living in Serbia that has a negative impact on domestic consumption level, and from the other with reduced competitiveness at export market.

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