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& Ecological                   and Artificial Intelligence Applications in

Engineering               Ecological, Chemical and Biochemical Systems


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The journal provides an international forum for presentation of original scientific papers, reviews and discussions on the

latest developments in computers, artificial intelligence, ecological , chemical and biochemical engineering. The scope

of the journal is wide and no limitation except relevance to computers and artificial intelligence is required.


The criteria for the acceptance of papers are originality, quality of work and clarity of style.


All papers are subject to reviewing by at least two international experts.


The language of the journal is English.


Final versions of the manuscripts are subject to metric (SI units and IUPAC recommendations) and English language



Editor and Editorial board make the final decision about acceptance of a manuscript.


Page charges are excluded.




The journal publishes original scientific papers, professional papers, notes, preliminary communications, reviews and

conference papers.


In the appendix, the journal published technical news, book reviews and society news.





Manuscript are submitted electronically as attachments  in WORD format and pdf to e-mail letters

addressed to  Optionally, paper copies of the manuscript and relevant correspondence with

the files on a computer disc can be sent to the Editorial office. Authors whose mother language is not English are

urged to have their manuscripts checked by other scientists who are familiar with the field and fluent in English.


1. Typing:


Manuscripts (text and figures) should be prepared by WORD software (Times New Roman 11). They must be typed

by double columns with normal spacing, leaving sample margins on the sides. Pages should not be numbered. New

paragraph should be moved 1 cm inside of the margin. Do not separate word for transfer in the next line. Manuscripts

submitted to Editorial office in paper by post service are not returned to authors.


2. Heading:


The title of the article includes the authors name, affiliation and full postal and e-mail addresses at the head of the article.

In case of a joint authorship, it should be stated to whom the correspondence and proofs should be addressed.


3. Abstract:


An abstract of 100-150 words reporting the intention, scope and conclusions should be included at the beginning of the

paper. The abstract is to be followed by 3-6 keywords. The abstract should be written both in English and Serbian.


4. Illustrations:


Those should be provided in digital form included in WORD file. Their quality should be suitable for direct reproduction.

The following points should be observed:

-          Illustrations should be labeled as Figures and numbered in sequence;

-          Curves should not run through signs but should merely touch upon open signs and should stop short of solid signs;

-          Each Figure should carry the authors' name, the title of the article and the Figure number. The figures should not

be included in the text, but attached separately, with captions of Figures typed together on a separate sheet;

-          Photographs (black and white only) should be restricted to the necessary minimum, each mounted on a separate



5. Tables:


Tables should be numbered in sequence, separate from the sequence used for Figures.


6. Computer programs and output:


Computer programs and output, if clearly relevant to the paper, should be submitted on an original printout and will be

reproduced photographically to avoid errors. Glossy prints of the original printout are also acceptable.


7. References:


References to be published literature should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetic order of the first author, thus:


Parulekar, S.J.,and Lim,H.C. (1985). Modeling, optimization and control of semi-batch fermentation.

Advances in Biochemical Engineering/ Biotechnology,32, 207.

Savkovic-Stevanovic J.B., (1994). A qualitative model for estimation of a plant behavior,

Comuters and Chemical Engineering 18, 713-717.

Ray, W.H. (1981). Advanced process control, New York, McGraw Hill


 The former would be mentioned in the text as (Ray, 1981). If there are more than two works by authors in a given

year, the letter a,b,c etc. follows the data in each instance. Title of the Journal should be abbreviated according to

Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI). Do not input references in table’s data.


9. Nomenclature and Units:


Nomenclature and abbreviations should conform to recommendations by IUPC and National Institute of Standards

and Technology (NIST). The recommendations can be freely downloaded from URL address

All units should be SI.


A list of symbols with names and units must be supplied, including the meaning of any indices used.


10. Referencing of papers:

All papers are subject of anonymous review by experts authors will be provided with referees’ comments. Authors

may suggest potential reviewers (complete with addresses, fax and telephone numbers) for their papers, but the

editor is under no obligation to follow such suggestions.  Author s may also suggest names of those they wish to be

excluded from the review process.



Authors will receive proofs by E-mail or Fax for personal checking which they are requested to return to the publisher

within one week of receipt. No new material may be inserted in the text at the time of proof reading, unless accepted

by the editors.



Submission of an article is understood to imply that the article is original and unpublished and is not considered for

publication elsewhere. Contributions are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary

authorization for publication.

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