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HEMOFARM Koncern a.d

Head office of the company:

26300 Vrsac
+ 381 13 821 345; + 381 13 822 001; + 381 13 822 002
+ 381 13 821 034; + 381 13 821 383; + 381 13 823 002


Legal status of the company:
joint stock company

President of Koncern:
Miodrag Babic

Production program:
Basic activity of HEMOFARM is production of pharmaceuticals.

By application of state-of-art technologies the company in 2001 reached the record level of drugs' production - 91 million packagins - that was three times more than 10 years ago.

HEMOFARM offers the wide range of products inside the following production divisions:


Pharmaceutical for human use

  • About 300 galenical preparations for human use in which antibiotics, cardiovascular preparations and neuroleptics have the major share

  • Infusion solutions (simple and complex) and preparations for enteral and parenteral nutrition

  • Ophtamalic products (injectables and solutions)

  • Diagnostic agents

Medical material program

HEMOFARM and its subsidiary enterprise HEMOMED since 1982 have been developing production programme of medical materials intended for use in hemodialysis. Production is carried out in plants located in Vrsac and Srpska Crnja:

  • Capilary dialyzers

  • Arteriovenous blood lines

  • CAPD solutions and concetrated solutions for hemodialysis

  • Infusion and transfusion systems

  • Protective PVC gloves


  • Multivitamin, vitamin, mineral-vitamin products and mineral drinks and tablets, toothpastes.



  • The pharmaceutical anti-age cosmetics collection MISSING for skin care.

Veterinary products and crop protection agents

HEMOFARM subsidiary company Hemovet has been producing veterinary medicaments since 1993, whereas it has developed a crop protection agents production since 1997. Production is carried out in plants located in Vrsac and Backi Petrovac.

  • Veterinary products programme includes 90 drugs from all groups.

  • Crop protection agents programme includes 27 herbicides, fungicides, incecticides and agents for communal hygiene.

Packaging material program

  • Thermoformed plastic products intended for use in food industry, pharmaceutical industry and textile industry.

  • Paper pads intended for use in confectionery industry (packaging material for candy boxes).

Fancy goods

  • The advertising program of office fancy goods (16 items made of soft PVC foils and high quality paper in 5 different collections).


HEMOFARM Group is made of parent company and 21 subsidiaries, of which 12 are in Yugoslavia, and the others are abroad.

HEMOFARM materializes its domestic production performance in modern production plants located in Vrsac, Dubovac, Jasenovo, Srpska Crnja, Podgorica and Backi Petrovac.

HEMOFARM has also developed a very wide spectrum of activities in the field of marketing, export-import, wholesale and retail trade, as well as transfer of technology, engineering and realization of turn-key projects.

Consumption of raw materials:
Linomycin Hcl, Gentamycin sulphate, Ascorbic Acid, Sulphamethoxazole, Trimethoprime, Glucose Monohydrate pyrogens free, Mannitol pyrogens free, Sorbitol liquide, Calcium Chloride, Ibuprofen, Hydrochlorothiazide

Main downstream markets:
HEMOFARM sales about 75% of its products at domestic market.

HEMOFARM has the leading position at domestic drug market with the share of 41.4% in 2001.

HEMOFARM sales about 25% of its products at export markets. In 2001 it realized a following structure of export by destination: Russian Federation 41.6%, Macedonia 15.8%, Republic Srpska 13.6%, Irak 9.1%, Romania 5.4%, Slovenia 3.0%, etc. 

Main export products:
Main export programme are drugs for human use, as Enalapril (tbl 10 mg and 20 mg), Hidrokortizon (inj 100 mg), Dilcoran (80 tbl), Physiological solution (500 ml) and Diklofenak (tbl 100 mg).

road and railway (Belgrade - Pancevo - Vrsac)

HEMOFARM has on disposal its own vehicles for domestic and international transport and it is the member of International Organization for Transport of Goods.

Quality assurance certification:
ISO 9002 approval issued in 1996

Environmental protection:
introduction of ISO 14000 standards under way

Total staff:

Average turnover:
150 mil. $

Average value of export:
30 mil. $

Planned development projects:
increase of production and sales by 20%

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