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chemical industry a.d.

Head office of the company:

25250 ODZACI, Industrijska zona
+ 381 25 743 221, +381 25 742 260, +381 25 743 042
+ 381 25 743 191, + 381 25 22 472
, hipexp@sezampro.yu


Legal status of the company:
stock company

Managing director of the company:
Stanimir Stajsic

Products manufactured and capacity:
The assortment of semi-finished and finished products includes both industrial and consumer goods. It is predominantly based on polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) processing. To a smaller extent some polyethylene (PE) is processed also.

Production capacities of the processing facilities:

injection molding


extrusion (foil designed for thermoforming)


extrusion (foil designed for insulation tapes) 1,200 tpy
thermoforming 1,800 tpy
printing 1,040 tpy
recycling facilities 3.840 tpy


Basic production program:

PP cups and containers 
for dairy products

PP garden chairs

Household plastics

  • Durable thermoformed PP and PS cups and containers for dairy products and margarine (including facilities for printing in 6 colors)
    Production volume: 150 x 106 pcs/year

  • Textile-lined extruded PP plates for automotive industry

  • Insulation PP tapes and corresponding adhesives for anticorrosive protection of pipe-lines for crude oil and gas

  • PP accumulator boxes

  • PP household plastics and garden furnishings

  • Sprinklers designed for protection of orchards (ca. 100 x 103 pcs/year)

  • Plastic greenhouses

Consumption of raw materials:
propylene, nitrogen, heptanes, butanol, PS, HDPE, catalyst, stabilizers and other additives

Main downstream markets:
synthetic fibers, construction materials, automobile industry, food industry and agriculture

Main export products:
polypropylene (PP)

road (Novi Sad - Backa Palanka - Sombor) and railway (industrial gauge)

Quality assurance certification:
ISO 9001 approval is expected to be issued in January 2001

Environmental protection:
in complete accordance with current local regulations; significant facilities for water purification (industrial water preparation and waste water treatment)

Total staff:

Average turnover:
28 mil. $

Average value of export:
18 mil. $

Planned development projects:
polypropylene production enlarging by introduction of high-effective catalyst; expansion of capacities of plastic products (in the first place the processing facilities for production of food packaging)

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