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Other Chemical Products


This manufacturing sector has no specific profile and includes production of miscellaneous chemical products thet were not elsewhere mentioned, such as adhesives, explosives, various auxiliaries for industry, antifreeze, candles, etc. Both serious companies in social and mixed ownership and a number of private firms lately founded are included in this field of production.

Major and more important companies that could be mentioned are the manufacturers of explosives and propellants such as TRAYAL in Krusevac, PRVA ISKRA-NAMENSKA PROIZVODNJA in Baric and MILAN BLAGOJEVIC in Lucani. Manufacturing facilities at locations in Baric and Lucani were seriously damaged during NATO’s air attacks in the spring of 1999. The facilities for the production of military explosives in Baric (TNT, DNT, PETN, RDX, IRDX and HMX) are still out of function.

Major manufacturers of adhesives are the companies PRVI MAJ (Cacak), ILIJAK (Cacak), ELAN (Prijepolje) and GRMEC (Zemun), as well as the company TIGAR from Pirot, which is the domestic leader in the production of tires and other rubber goods.

Production of Adhesives










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The company Rafinerija nafte "Beograd", Krnjaca (Beograd), in essence the main manufacturer and supplier of lubricating motor oils in Serbia and Montenegro, is also the largest domestic manufacturer of antifreeze. The company HEMIK from Kikinda, in essence manufacturer of cleansers, also used to be a well-known by its production program of candles – however, this company is in serious troubles today.

Permanent development of production activities in this more sophisticated sector of chemical industry is evident. Imports, however, still play a very important role in satisfying domestic needs in various products of processing chemical industry (annual value of 180-190 million $).



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