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In this field there are tree important manufacturing sectors - pneumatics, rubber-technical goods and rubber footwear. This industrial branch was developed from handicrafts, especially manufacture of rubber based technical goods and rubber footwear that existed even before World War I.

In the period after the World War II this industrial branch was the most propulsive industrial sector in Serbia, so that by the end of the 80’s with about 20,000 of employees took part Hermes handbags in about 55-60% of the total rubber industry production of former Yugoslavia and performed export in the value of over 200 million $.

Some important companies in the field of rubber industry were founded even before the World War II such as TRAYAL from Krusevac (founded in 1889 initially as the gunpowder factory), REKORD from Belgrade (1925) TIGAR from Pirot (1935) and VULKAN from Nis (1937). More important facilities built lately are GUMINS from Novi Sad (founded in 1946), HIP-GIP from Pancevo (1950), VITOJEVAC from Vrnjacka Banja (1956), GID from Dimitrovgrad (1959), Zlatar from Nova Varos (1959), BALKANBELT from Suva Reka (1961), GUMA from Ruma (1963), KOLUBARA UNIVERZAL from Veliki Crljeni (1963), FADIP IFC from Becej (1972), GUMAPLAST from Indjija (1977) and RUMA-GUMA from Ruma (1981).

Should be mentioned that presence of private sector in this industry increased during the 90's, especially in the field of technical goods manufacturing.

Also should be added that some of above mentioned companies already have been privatized during last 3 years. For example, the newest Serbian rubber tires factory RUMA-GUMA was acquired in 2003 by the company GALAXY TIRE & WHEEL (USA). This same year the replica Breitling world-known company MICHELIN (France) became a majority owner of TIGAR MH, the company for manufacture of pneumatics which is a member of the Joint Stock Holding TIGAR from Pirot.

Today’s Serbian rubber industry shows a rather great development potential. Already in 2004 it almost reached the historical record level of foreign trade achievements since the value of export overcame 186.6 million €. The most successful exporter was TIGAR MH which has exported tires and inner tubes in the value of nearly 80 million €.


Historical Development of Production: Rubber Products

(by manufactured volumes from 1976 to 2005, based on 1976=100%)


The manufacture of tires and inner tubes for all kind of vehicles is the most developed sector of Serbian rubber industry. The following quantities of these products were manufactured by the local companies in 2004:

·      Tires for passenger cars                               6,250,000 pcs

·      Tires for motorcycles and mopeds                 78,000 pcs

·      Tires for bicycles                                                 460,000 pcs

·      Tires for buses                                                      134,000 pcs

·      Tires for trucks                                                     217,000 pcs

·      Tires for motocultivators                                   84,000 pcs

·      Tires for agricultural vehicles                          371,000 pcs

·      Tires for civil engineering vehicles                  57,000 pcs

·      Tires for industrial vehicles                                 14,000 pcs

·      Tires for other vehicles                                     174,000 pcs

·      Inner tubes for bicycles                               4,790,000 pcs

·      Inner tubes for all other vehicles              2,360,000 pcs

Rather well developed sector of local rubber industry is also the manufacture of transportation and transmission belts with production volume that reached almost 4.4 thousands tons in 2004.

Today's orientation of the rubber industry in Serbia is spreading of production assortment and compliance of the products quality with the requirements of the world market, since it is Titleist irons clear that the dimensions of domestic market are too small to absorb production of various rubber goods by normal level of available production facilities utilization. The Serbian rubber industry export is already distributed mostly on Western Europe market, well known as a high quality demand market. 




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